Soundproofing Blankets

May 28, 2017 | | Post a Comment

There are many reasons you may want to purchase a soundproofing blanket. You may find them helpful to reduce annoying sound in home, school or industrial settings. Typically, built of layers of heavy material they absorb sound waves and keep them from bouncing around, providing a more pleasant environment. They can be as simple and inexpensive as commercial moving pads or more sophisticated and attractive looking for public areas. They can be hung from ceilings, on walls or windows or set into free standing panels. There are many types of sounds and pitches that these help with. Higher sounds are typically easier to cover, while lower sounds may be designed a little thicker or with other properties to help cover those lower frequency sounds. Whatever the reason, there are many soundproofing blankets to choose from.

Within a commercial setting you would want to use them to reduce noise to protect the hearing of workers and to provide a more comfortable atmosphere. In a recording studio, sound blankets help to provide a clear clean tone for a quality recording. In gyms and other buildings with many hard surfaces it decreases the noise of squeaking sneakers, bouncing basketballs and cheering fans, allowing fans to enjoy games and competitions and players to hear their coaches and other teammates. With-in homes they can be used to reduce noise for loud appliances, furnaces and air conditioners. Soundproofing blankets are also helpful used around highly sensitive individuals to create a calming environment

Whatever your need, look into purchasing a sound proofing blanket. There are many types both visually and materially to suit your specific need. There are also a variety of prices. Contact a soundproofing professional for more assistance in understanding what your need is and finding the exact product to accomplish your goal! 


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