A Small Orange Review: The Entire Outlook

May 16, 2017 | | Post a Comment

A Small Orange Solution to Web Hosting Dilemmas Searching for a Web Host can be frustrating when they all look the same. The over full page with flashy photography and multiple lists of the services they claim they can provide. So many Web Hosts have fallen into this rut so when you come across something different, stop to see what is different. A Small Orange is one such Web Hosting company that will make you stop to look.

No sexy girl smiling at you from above the flashing lists of services hosted at whatever site you have clicked into. A Small Orange has gone against the current trend by illustrating their site with creative artwork instead of cleavage. Also going against the unspoken industry standard, A Small Orange explains all the services they have and how they work without promises of things like unlimited bandwidth. No one can provide unlimited bandwidth, it is not possible. The plans and rates offered by A Small Orange are straight forward and easy to understand. To open a site which will have heavy use, the fee is twenty-eight dollars a year. This is a good price with no promises of unlimited bandwidth or the fluff advertised by other sites. Check out Weak Moves for their trusted reviews about different hosting companies.

The administrator of A Small Orange comes from another well –known web hosting company so he knows the business well and is able to provide technical support with confidence. Customer service on A Small Orange is fantastic in general. A response to customer questions is usually available within half an hour. Customer Support will even answer stupid questions (there are no stupid questions) and provide step-by-step instructions for setting up if you are a beginner.

A Small Orange is considered a young hosting company but they have been around since 2003. They are now starting to be recognized on the internet and may become one of the bigger names soon. They are growing up and it will be interesting to see if they can handle a large volume of clients.

To keep up with other sites, A Small Orange may need to offer customer support by telephone. They offer email support now, but telephone support is one customer support avenue clients may prefer. Keeping up with new clients may become very difficult as the number of people seeking website hosting companies continues to grow. A Small Orange is sure to attract the attention of those seeking a different look for their sites. With the unique name and artistic pages, clients will click to see what is different about A Small Orange.

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